The line-up of closures that Enomoto Industries makes for steel drums include flanges (2"& 3/4"), plugs (2"&3/4"), all types of gaskets, and cap seals.Enomoto's steel drum closure systems have won high acclaim for their durability and resistance to leakage.
Enomoto's products for the Japanese domestic market are made to satisfy the requirements of JIS, the Japanese Industrial Standard, and are of the highest quality and consistency.

We also manufacture drum closures to meet the international standards for export to such diverse markets as East & South East Asia, North & Central America,Europe and the Middle & Near East. We obtained the ISO 9002 Recognition in 1997 for both Enomoto Industries in Japan and for PT. Enomoto Srikandi Industries in Indonesia to meet the increasing requirements of the customers. Enomoto is providing the safest, the most reliable, and the most durable closures to all over the world.